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Glacier Trail

Trailhead The Nigel Pass trailhead is 8.5 km south of the Banff-Jasper boundary at Sunwapta Pass, or approx. 113 km north of Lake Louise on the Icefields Pkwy.
Distance 90 km (56 mi.)
Time 5-6 days
Maximum Elevation Jonas Shoulder (2,470 m (8,102'))

The Glacier Trail is a popular route that is located mainly in the southern part of Jasper National Park. The south-to-north option crosses Nigel, Jonas and Maligne Passes, and ends up at Maligne Lake. It can be done by itself, or in combination with the Skyline Trail or the Caribou section of the Great Divide Trail. While there are some small glaciers along the route, "Glacier Trail" is a bit of a misnomer, especially in view of the spectacular glacial scenery available to drivers on the adjacent Icefields Parkway.

An overview of the route and the campsites are displayed in this map. Click here to read a description of the Glacier Trail as it merges with the Great Divide Trail at Nigel Pass.

This page was modified on Feb. 15, 2003