Iceline Trail

Trailhead The Whiskey Jack Hostel parking lot is 12.5 km up the Yoho Valley Road, which begins on the Trans-Canada Hwy., 3.7 km east of Field, B.C. or about 21 km west of Lake Louise Village.
Distance 6.4 km (4 mi.)
Elevation Gain 690 m (2,263')
Maximum Elevation 2,210 m (7,249')

The Iceline Trail is one of the best, and most popular day trips in the national parks. Unlike most day hikes where a pass or lake is the primary destination, the Iceline is mainly a high, open route through the moraines and tarns formed by the nearby Emerald Glacier. The trail also offers spectacular views across the Yoho Valley of the 380 m Takakkaw Falls (see Rachel's photos; pictures of The Iceline and other points in the Yoho Valley are also discussed here). Strong day-hikers have several options for extended trips, and can combine the Iceline with connecting trails to Kiwetinok Pass, Twin Falls or the Whaleback. This map, made from sections of the four topo maps, 82/N 7-10, shows most of the trails in the Yoho Valley, as well as the trails starting from Emerald Lake (Hamilton Lake, Burgess Pass etc.). Note that the Iceline Trail is incompletely marked as the "Skyline Trail".

The first few kilometres involve a steep ascent through the forest until the trail opens out and follows a more gradual grade to the northwest. The maximum elevation is reached at the top of a moraine at km 6.4. Most day hikers will stop there, but for those heading further, the trail continues and enters the forest in about another kilometre. At km 10.2, the Iceline Trail crosses a bridge over the Little Yoho River and ends at its intersection with the Little Yoho Valley trail. Turn left for the Little Yoho campsite, or head down the Little Yoho toward the Whaleback and Twin Falls. Just before the bridge, the trail to Kiwetinok Pass heads to the left.

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