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Kiwetinok Pass

Trailhead The trail begins at km 10.2 of the Iceline Trail, just across the creek from Little Yoho campsite.
Distance 2.5 km (1.6 mi.)
Elevation Gain 375 m (1,230')
Maximum Elevation 2,450 m (8,036')

Kiwetinok Pass is a very worthwhile objective for hikers in the Little Yoho Valley. Although the distant views to the west from the pass are not remarkable, there are striking views of the President Range and the Waputik Range to the east. Plus, there is an emerald lake at the summit that lies in an austere basin of reddish rock. Click here to view a map of the upper Yoho Valley that is taken from a section of the Blaeberry River 82/N10 topographic map (the entire Yoho Valley map is here).

View towards Yoho Valley
Kiwetinok Pass (96 KB)

Due to the presence of trails on both sides of the Little Yoho, the route up to the pass is a little confusing, but the direction is fairly obvious and "all roads lead to Rome". Shortly after heading up the south (right) side of Little Yoho River, the trail arrives at an unmarked rock-hop crossing to the north side. Look for cairns on both sides of the creek. From this point, the trail remains on the north side and becomes increasingly steep as it climbs to the narrow gap at the head of the valley. There are good views of The President and The Vice President, two popular ski-touring objectives.

Perhaps the easiest way to visit Kiwetinok Pass on a day trip from the parking lot is to hike to the trailhead via the Iceline trail. This route is about 13 km, and allows strong day hikers to add an interesting and more secluded option to the popular Iceline.

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