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Isabella Lake
Siffleur River

No random camping in this valley
Dolomite Creek

Random camping above Isabella Lake
Mosquito Creek
Mo 5

Hostel & car camp
at trailhead
Fish Lakes
Mo 18
Singing Meadows

Unofficial site
1 or 2 tents
Molar Creek
Mo 16
Hector Lake
He 5
Red Deer Lakes
Sk 19
Merlin Meadows
Sk 18

Most popular camp
in Skoki Valley
Baker Lake
Sk 11
Hidden Lake
Sk 5
Wildflower Creek
Ba 15
Baker Creek
Ba 9
Badger Pass Junction
Jo 29

Johnston Creek
Block Lakes Junction
CR 37

Cascade River
Flint's Park - CR 31

Cascade River

Place your cursor over a small red triangle and the campsite name will appear on the left.