Snowbird Pass

Trailhead The trail branches from the main Berg Lake Trail near the B.C. Parks warden cabin, 1 km south of Robson Pass. A shortcut to the trail begins directly across the creek from the Robson Pass campsite.
Distance 8 km (5 mi.)
Elevation Gain 756 m (2,480')
Maximum Elevation 2,408 m (7,898')

The trail to Snowbird Pass offers dramatic views of the Robson Glacier and the surrounding peaks of the Robson group. Starting from Robson Pass campsite, there is a faint trail that heads southeast from just across the footbridge in front of the camp. After about 15 minutes, this shortcut merges with the main trail entering from the right, and shortly thereafter one arrives at the silt-laden lake at the toe of the Robson Glacier. In season, the outwash flats are ablaze with mountain fireweed. The trail then begins a fairly steep ascent along a moraine at the eastern edge of the glacier, providing continuous and improving views. Approximately 6 km from the start, the trail levels out in a beautiful alpine meadow and veers left to begin a gradual ascent to the pass. The views from Snowbird Pass, on the Continental Divide, include the Coleman Glacier in Jasper National Park and the northeast face of Mt. Robson, the face of choice for most climbing expeditions. However, if the weather is poor, you will not miss too much by foregoing the final climb from the meadows. Click here to view a map of the upper Robson Valley that is taken from a section of the Mount Robson 83/E3 topographic map.

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