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Canadian Rockies Gallery

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Mule Deer
Mule Deer in
Maligne Valley  39 KB
Maligne Pass summit
Maligne Pass
Jasper N.P.  89 KB
Woodland Caribou
Caribou near
Jonas Shoulder  19 KB
Skyline Trail
Mt. Robson from
The Notch  127 KB
Maligne Valley
Maligne Valley from
Maligne Pass  91 KB
Cotton Grass
Cotton grass near
Maligne Pass  125 KB
Cline Pass
Food storage at
Cline Pass  95 KB
"I'm King of the Rockies!"
Hoary Marmot
45 KB
Goat Fur
Goat Fur at
Cline Pass  46 KB
Cline Pass
Cline Pass camp
109 KB
Mt. Brazeau
Mt. Brazeau from near
Maligne Pass  122 KB
Pinto Lake, Cline Valley
Pinto Lake from
Sunset Pass  75 KB

Photos by Steve Vachon

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