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Canadian Rockies Gallery

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Cataract Pass on left
Cataract Creek
White Goat Wilderness  154 KB
View towards Mount Stewart
Cataract Creek
White Goat Wilderness  127 KB
Nigel Pass at lower right
Lakes below Cataract Pass
Jasper N.P.  100 KB
View from Numa Pass
Floe Lake, the Rockwall
Kootenay N.P.  76 KB
Cataract Pass visible on left
Nigel Pass from
Jasper side  104 KB
View towards Yoho Valley
Kiwetinok Pass,
Yoho N.P.  96 KB

Mt. Ball at centre left
Whistling Pass,
Haiduk Valley  105 KB

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Canadian Arctic Gallery

Animals of the Arctic

Gatineau Park Gallery

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